Glenfield Methodist Church

Welcome to Glenfield Methodist Church

We meet regularly for worship on Sundays and have other activities throughout the week. Rev. Steve Clark is our minister. He is authorised to administer Holy Communion, to conduct services for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals.

Many of our services are taken by Lay Preachers and visiting Ministers.

There are social events, such as a Folk and Quiz evenings, Craft Fairs, Barbeques and Flower Festivals.

As a Church, we believe in the power of God’s Good News, that it does transform lives and brings real hope for this life and the next.

As Glenfield Churches Together we hold United Services several times a year. Each summer run a holiday club for ages 5 -11 years old. Each week during term time we act out short bible stories in school assemblies at the two local primary schools with “Open The Book”. We also share in bible study groups together.

We hope you enjoy surfing our website. We are also on Facebook.